What We Do

We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

We support the Orphanages in the following manner:

Financial: It typically costs $45.00 per month to provide the basic necessities for an orphan in Africa. We cover a portion of these ongoing monthly expenses.

Housing: Many of our orphanages are located in the slums or rural locations. The facilities in most cases are in poor condition and cramped. We fund housing improvement projects on as needed basis.

Education: All school-age children within our funded orphanages must attend school and in many cases we provide schooling for the local community. Funds for tuition and school uniforms are provided.

Permaculture: To ensure self-sufficiency we have been implementing gardens in orphanages that have the necessary environment and space.

Collaboration: We have established an association that funded orphanages personnel attend. The goal of this association is to educate and support the orphanage directors and personnel with best practices.

Going Home: We know living in an orphanage is not the ideal situation. We actively pursue opportunities to re-unite the orphans with their families or place them within permanent foster care.

Guidelines: For us to support an orphanage they must meet and continue to meet our guidelines. These include providing quality care, education and a supportive family environment.