We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

We Eat Together or We Hunger Together

We Eat Together or We Hunger Together

Today I was in the slums of Nairobi having heard of another orphanage in need. As I entered the small enclosure it was abundantly clear that these children were struggling. I first met with the man who, along with wife, cares for the 48 children in the centre. Their home is a small room within the cluster. He was occupied, at the moment, giving medication to an infant of two years old who is struggling with aids.

After a brief discussion I asked to be shown the various rooms. The boys’ room held 28 boys in bunk beds with 4 boys per bed. Although things were neat there wasn’t much room to walk around the beds. The girls’ room showed the same plight. I then asked to see the storeroom where the food was kept. As he unlocked a third door I could see that the room was completely empty. Where is the food I asked? “We have none” came the simple reply. What will you do for dinner, I innocently asked? By the grace of God we shall eat today. I stated that I appreciated his faith but what if the food does not arrive before dinner time? He meekly replied “Then we go hungry until food comes”.

Such faith and dependence upon God is common amoung these beautiful people. We ensured that there would be food that night and put things in motion to help lift them out of this daily struggle.
From one of Paul’s past trips to Kenya.

By: Gabrielle