Sponsorship Overview

Direct Relationship

Unlike many organizations, Lift The Children wants sponsors to have a direct line of communication with the orphanages, their directors, and the children. We make formal introductions and encourage both parties to get to know each other through email and letters. We want lasting relationships to develop so sponsors can see their children grow and progress to eventually become responsible adults. In addition, all the information that a sponsor may need is made available, such as,  correspondence, monitoring reports, and pictures of the orphanages. We are also more than happy to assist in delivering anything that sponsors feel their orphanage needs. We also encourage sponsors to visit Africa and their orphanages to truly make a lasting experience.

There are three different ways to donate.

1.  Orphanage Sponsorship

  • Commits to annual support with monthly payments
  • Fosters a relationship between the Sponsor and the Orphanage
  • Provides an opportunity for broad involvement in the orphanage operations

2.  Lump Sum Donations – One-time or Monthly

Directed to a general account which deals with the following:

  • Individual Orphanage emergencies
  • Individual Orphanage facility needs
  • School fees
  • Provision of relief supplies

3.  Project-specific Donations – One-time or Monthly

  • Funds are directed to the acquisition of land and the construction of the Lift the Children Orphanage in Nairobi
  • Donations may be in general for the project, or as a sponsorship of a component of the facility (ie. Library, Vocational Training Centre) – donors of this type may do so in memory of an esteemed individual, identified with a plaque
  • Plant a Vegetable Garden Campaign

    Current: $711.99
    Target: $350,000.00
    Backers: 12
  • Total Plant a Vegetable Donations Donor Wall

    Desember 30 2016
    Debra  Green
    Desember 23 2016
    Jon Elton
    Desember 08 2016
    Susan Learney
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    Svetlana Yelsky
    Desember 06 2016
    Monica Star
  • Donate with Peace of Mind

  • Total Vegetable Garden Donations Progress Bar

  • Total General Donations Donor Wall

    April 26 2017
    Maart 30 2017
    Jacob Vick
    Desember 30 2016
    Debra  Green
    Desember 23 2016
    Shane Martin
    Desember 23 2016
    Don and Dale  Martin