We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Villa Teag Children’s Home

January 2003
10$per child=$330 funded by Lift the Children
Njiru District, Nairobi, Kenya
Zaria Omwayi


Villa Teag Children’s home was established in 2003 to provide opportunities for children in need of care and protection. We aim to provide each child with access to shelter, education, psychological support, life skills and health care so that each child will reach their full potential and develop into responsible adults.

This Home was founded by the Late Embakasi Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Mellitus Mugabe Were, together with ten members. This was at a time when there was high adult death rate in Dandora, as a result of HIV/AIDS and crime, also abandoned children and street children were incorporated in to the Home.

He (The Late Melitus Mugabe Were) made enormous effort to ensure the establishment of the project, through his personal commitment. He succeeded in finding a donor who fully supported 102 children through child sponsorship, secured five Storeys building home, enough cookery and utensils, education supplies and school fees and social amenities/recreational facilities. After the death of Mellitus Mugabe Were, this donor withdrew his support.

Zaria Omwayi, former employee, now Director took charge and sought help. A good Samaritan gave her a four bedroomed House for 52 children for free for a period of three years and Kshs.10,000 rent per month afterwards.

Villa-Teag is situated in Dandora Phase Five (Ex-Muoroto) Opp. Provincial Administration Police Block, Dandora Division of Nairobi County. This is an impoverished urban area, with a high prevalence of poverty, malnutrition, drug abuse, crime prone, HIV/AIDS and pollution from Dandora dumpsite.

The home is registered under the Ministry of Gender, Culture and social services and the Ministry of Home Affairs.


Our institution is dedicated to improving the well-being of children and enhancing opportunities for the development of their full potential.


  • To promote child welfare: Children will be provided with the right of experience quality life and survival, development, protection, participation (Shelter, Nutrition, Clothing, Education, Recreation and Healthcare) We strive to be a Centre where the best interests of the child guide our entire decision making. We try to involve the children in this process.
  • We seek to be a Centre which is well run, is transparent and accountable in the things it does and has good governance.


  • To protect and support the Orphans, vulnerable children, strive to ensure that they achieve their full potential.
  • To participate and support the community Initiatives in bettering lives of OVC’s


  • To enhance child survival and development, through an inclusive, responsive and non discriminatory program, that will enhance and provide security, education good health.
  • To respect the child’s cultural, spiritual belief systems and embrace ethical values
  • To protect and promote the rights of children, and empower them with the knowledge and skills needed for self reliance in the future.
  • To be gender sensitive and address the special needs of the boys and girls
  • To develop the capability/ Talent of children and other members of the community


  • Financial support to enable us: Purchase our home structure, school levies contribution in maintaining secondary and primary school students, fees for vocational training for older vulnerable Children and our staff. Paying bills, electricity/water, repair children, shelter and amenities.
  • Shelter, Food, shoes and clothing
  • School supplies i.e. Uniforms, text and Exercise books, and writing materials
  • Recreational materials/equipment
  • Access to quality Medical Care: Medical Cover for staff and children
  • Office stationery and equipment
  • Kitchen equipment i.e. Utensils, food storage equipment and cleaning equipment/detergents and water storage tanks
  • Motivational for staff and children to reward good behavior and enhance sustainable quality service delivery
  • Professional volunteers to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of existing organization structures