We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Tunza Children’s Centre

118 Residential 5 Outreach
January 1 1997
Kibiko, Kajiado, Nairobi, Kenya

An orphanage in Kibiko, Kajiado, Nairobi, Kenya

The Founders/Director

Dimina Machanja is the founder of Tunza Childrens Centre, and has run the home for fifteen years.  She works to provide for the basic needs of the children and to help them grow up to be successful.

The Current Centre

Tunza provides boarding for the children, including mattresses, blankets and sheets. They also feed and clothe the children and give them access to medical care.

Source of their Funding

Much of their funding comes from Lift the Children.  They also receive financial support from local and international well wishers and from the Kobo Trust Foundation.

Areas of Endeavor

At Tunza they provide their children with preschool lessons, as well as psychosocial support including life coaching and counselling.

Present Challenges

Tunza Children's Home faces many challenges. They require financial support to help pay for school fees, workers salaries, and to build a fence around their facility.  They would like to expand the facility so that more children may be helped.