We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Tamani Kenya

34 Residential 4 Outreach
July 8, 2007
Njenga Mukura Kiwa, Embakasi, Kenya

An orphanage in Njenga Mukura Kiwa, Embakasi, Kenya

The Founders/Director

James Wanjala is the founder of Tumani Kenya.  He strives to give the children in his care a better life through providing them with food, shelter, an education, and spiritual guidance.

The Current Centre

Tumani Kenya owns their own land which includes a two story building.  The upstairs is a dormitory and the downstairs has a kitchen, a dining room, and a storage area..

Source of their Funding

They receive financial support from a local church, as well as from well wishers, the government, and Lift the Children.

Areas of Endeavor

The children at the home have their basic needs provided for, including food, clothing, and access to schooling.

Present Challenges

Tumani Kenya is in need of funds to buy more beds and to expand their facility so that they can rescue more children from the streets. They also need money to buy solar panels and assistance in registering the home as a charitable children's organization.