We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Tabarak Children’s Home

January 2005
10$per child=$270 funded by Lift the Children
Kisauni, Mombasa, Kenya
Mr. Ali Ahmed and Mrs. Asha Pili Ramadhan.
Asha Pili Ramadhan

Tabarak  children  home  began  on 4th February  2005 in Kenya East Africa Mombasa county  Kisauni sub county. It was started  by Mama Asha pili Ramadhan with the vision  to take care of the vulnerable  children  in the society.

She began  at a rental  house  with a total  number of 15 children, where she used to pay the house with the proceeds from her vegetable  business. She was assisted by wellwishers to take care of the children.

Currently the institution house  and give full support  to 30 children  who live in the orphanage and fully depend  on the home.

Tabarak is headed  by  the director  Mama Asha pili Ramadhan

Administered by Mr  Steve  Brian  Omondi  who is also the social  worker

The home has one cook and one house mother and one watchman as the full staff at the home.

Tabarak  is situated  in a neighbourhood  that has so many challenges. Kisauni  sub county  is known  as the almost  violent  area full of drug abuse and crime. We are committed  to changing  this narrative  through  sport and other  skills related  like tailoring. Most  young children  have  embraced  our ways of engaging  them through  sports keeping  them away from crims and drugs.

Parents  around  the area recommend  our school  for have  the best discipline  children  and drug free and crime free

Most of children  were brought  to her by the  sub county children  department  as  total orphans, or partial  orphan  or abandoned  cases or neglect.

Through  the hands of well-wishers and committed donors like Lift the children  Tabarak  has managed  to educate  and continue  to educate  the children.

The needs of expansion in terms of workers  and resources  has been  one of the major  problems faced  by the institution. The ever raising  cost of life has also changed  how things are done in the home.

The Founders/Director

Tabarak Children's Home was founded by Mr. Ali Ahmed and Mrs. Asha Pili Ramadhan.  They started the home to provide social, economic, and educational support to children orphaned by HIV/Aids and women widowed by HIV/Aids.

The Current Centre

The current facility consists of a four roomed dormitory, a kitchen, an office and a seperate house where the director lives.

Source of their Funding

They receive funding mainly from well wishers and Lift the Children.  Money is occasionally donated by co-operatives and non-governmental organizations.

Areas of Endeavor

Tabarak Children's strives to meet the physical, social, medical and educational needs of the children in their care. They support the widows by helping them work on small income generating activities.  They also run and support co-curricular activities for the children.

Present Challenges

They require funds to expand their property so that they can accept more people into the home. They also need funds to provide enough food, shelter, and funding to keep their current projects running.