We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

St. Dorcas Educational Centre

August 2005
10$per child=$470 funded by Lift the Children
WAITHAKA, Daggoretti constituency Nairobi
Jacinta Ndura Thaimuta

Background Information

The name of the orphanage is St. Dorcas Educational centre which was started in the year 2005. It has a home and school with 47 in residential and 79 in the outreach program.

The centre receives $520 (Ksh 37,000) monthly from Lift the children and other support from well wishers

It is located in WAITHAKA, Daggoretti constituency Nairobi.

It is in the surrounding  of two Slums kawangware and kabiria where most of the families are not able to afford even two meals a day or take their children to school. The centre has brought positive impact and community appreciate.

The Founders/Director

Jacinta Ndura Thaimuta, is the director at this centre.

St. Dorcas Educational Centre is used to help parents in poverty give their children an education. The centre takes care of basic needs and provides a home for the children to live in.

The Current Centre

The facility has 11 classrooms, 2 dormitories, 32 beds, 2 offices, 1 storage room, 1 kitchen, 12 staff members.

Source of their Funding

Their main source of funding comes from well wishers, local churches, guardians of the children, and from Lift the Children Foundation.

Areas of Endeavor

Their programs offer education, vocational training, feeding programs, shelter, guidance and counseling, basic needs and religious program.

Present Challenges

They need funds to help them expand the number of classrooms in their facility, build more dormitories, get more beds and bedding material, purchase healthy food and teaching materials, and pay staff wages.