We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

St. Anne’s Rehabilitation Centre

3rd March 2008
10$per child=$530 funded by Lift the Children
Nijuru District, Nairobi, Kenya
Felistas Ndunge Kimuli

Background Information

Residential children: 53

Date founded: 3rd March 2008

Location: Uhuru United Court, Dandora Ciname Stage on Counselor Opundo Road, Dandora phase 2.

P.o. Box 1196 code 00515 Buruburu, Nairobi, Kenya

Email: stannecentre@yahoo.com, info@stannecentre.org

Mobile phones: +254724984280 Felistus, +254725771236 Rasto, +254724508749 Harum.

Website: https://www.stannecentre.org

Directors Name:

Felistas Ndunge Kimuli

P.o.Box 1196 code 00515 Buruburu

Mobile: +254724984280

Email: stannecentre@yahoo.com


Dandora Phase 2 neighbors Dandora phase 3, Dandora Dumpsite, Mowlem, Mailisaba, Dandora phase 4, Korogocho slums. Dandora phase 2 is populated with youths, young adult, women and elderly carers who have no employment with dependence on them.We have children living with HIV, orphans and some abandoned by parent due high cost of living with no source of income. Youths and among them children are involving in drug and substances abuse, prostitution, crime and leaving small children with no place to go.

Source of their Funding

Income generating projects, personal income of the founders, friends and well wishers make up the bulk of St. Anne’s support.

Areas of Endeavor

They provide shelter, clothing and food to 45 orphans and vulnerable children. There is an outreach feeding and education program for 222 children. They also provide spiritual counseling.

Present Challenges

There is inadequate supply of food. They are in need of educational materials. There is a lack of good space in the home and they require funding to pay staff salaries.