We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Soon Children’s Home

September 2010
10$per child=$160 funded by Lift the Children
Nairobi County, Kasarani Sub County, Kasarani Location, Kasarani Sublocation
+254700343590, +254721632915
Lucy Karimi Mbaya
Annett M. Makandi 0722109290
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Soon Children Home Was Founded back in the year 1994, started as a feeding program to all needy families and children, especially the street children and families.

In 1996 moved to Kasarani subcounty we continued with the same open feeding until 1999 where we had many children who were abandoned and neglected some HIV and Orphaned. That is where the home was recommended to start a rescue room as we searched for the parents and relatives. Within the feeding we also trained and counselled the parents and over 18 years kids on small skill business, up to date we do the same. Has well reintegrating the lucky ones to their biological parents/relatives.


Though the founder believes in all the above always, there has been a challenge of funding to reach the goal that is education, medical, upgrading the standard of the home and funding the over 18 kids.

Our precious gratitude: goes to LTC founders Who was able to trace Soon children’s home and hold our fallen hands in supporting the project on nutrition (Feeding the Children) Thank you very much our dear Volken and Chawna Volken for your kind support we all appreciate you. Stay safe

Brief description of the neighborhood

Soon children home is located where its surrounding is within the slums where most parents are single parents and drugs/alcohol brewers are mostly the occupants of the rental rooms and children are left to care for themselves. All dangers befall the child setting them to be vulnerable since they sleep in the same room with the addicted parents.