We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy

14 Residential 50 Outreach
January 6, 1992
Langata District, Nairobi, Kenya
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Box 51933-00100 Nairobi
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  • Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy aims in taking its duty and responsibilities of care by creating safe and positive environments for children through protocol that empower its staff to discharge their duties with understanding in relation to child protection.
  • To raise and mould Orphan children in the community to become self relient citizen in the community.


Aspiring to develop, care and support our due objectives in up keeping the health working nation

Seek to raise the standard of care available to the slum poorest children. We will prepare them to affect their society through our emphasis on compassion, advocacy and leadership.

Orphans in residence :

Siloam had 14 children who reside inside the home. 10 Boys and 4 Girls who are all in primary section

Orphans in outreach program :

We offer support to 50 outreach Children whom we help meet their basic needs, feeding program as well as education.

Date Founded and History :

Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy was founded in1992 by Bishop Stephen Wanyonyi Munyolo with a sole objective of caring of Orphans and vulnerable children in terms of acquiring education, food, clothing and psycho-social support.

Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy is committed to ensure that in its interaction with children the highest possible measures are taken to guard the safety and welfare for children.

The expectation is that employees at all levels and others, who associated with Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy, have the best interest of children at heart in their involvement with the organization's work.

This Child protection policy provides staff, volunteers and associates of Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy with procedures and guidance if and when they come in to contact with children as they discharge their duties and responsibilities. Most importantly, it provides guidelines to enable responses to any concerns or specific child protection issues. It demonstrates Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy's commitment to ensuring the protecting rights of children are fully realised and that no room is given to Child Abuse in any form.

Policy Statement

Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy is committed to:

  • Activity implement policies and effectively safeguard children from any harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  • Promote good practices that ensures children's rights to protection are fully realised.
  • Be proactive in preventing potential child abusers from being involved with Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy.
  • Take prompt action in responding to all suspicious and allegations of abuse swiftly and appropriately.
  • To provide staff with guidance and training in good practice and child protection procedures.

Child protection responsibilities

Good practice

All Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy personnel (staff and volunteers), visitors and associates should:-

  • Treat all children with respect and contribute to an environment that promotes respect and dignity of children.
  • Encourage interaction with children in an open environment I.e. avoiding privacy or unorbserved situations and communication for example sharing a room with a child
  • Ensuring the wellfare of children is Paramount by offering full cooperation when called upon in any investigation of concerns or allegations.

Practices by Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy Directors and Management

Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy Directors and Management should:-

  • Ensure that measures are put in place to protect reporters of legitimate concerns about suspect child abuse even if if on investigation it is unfounded.
  • Ensure that background checks for all potential employees, volunteers,interns and visitors to programs sites to prevent potential child abusers getting into any form of contact with children.
  • Ensure induction of new stuff, visitors and volunteers includes child protection policy and aims at enhancing shared understanding, ownership and practice of procedures among Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy's personnel.
  • Ensure reasonable measures are in place to enable all staff, volunteers, associates and visitors to operate within an acceptable ethical Child protection framework.
  • Ensure monitoring and periodic review of the CP policy and practices.

Monthly Support:

The homes gets some support from Lift the Children.

As a Christian based organization, it also gets support from the Church  and also donations from well-wishers and fundraising.

Location :

Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy is located in Kibera Silanga near Undugu playground alongside Makina-highrise road.

Orphanage Director :

Bishop Stephen Wanyonyi Munyolo

Neighbourhood description :

Siloam Fellowship Ministry Academy is sorrounded with rental premises where neighbors lives.

Our neighbors are highly respected and have a good relationship with us.

The home offers the following to the children :

  • Feeding program.
  • Accomodations
  • spiritual programs.
  • Education to children.
  • Health programs.
  • psychological support.
  • safeness of the children.
  • Recreation activities.
  • Clothing support.