We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Saints Orphanage and Education Centre

10$per child=$250 funded by Lift the Children
Embakasi East, Nairobi- Kenya
Pastor David Oyaro and Olipher Nyaboke
P.o box 802100- 0101 Nairobi Kenya..+254721852387/+254705473001


Saints Orphanage is a registered as community based organization  Chokaa Kangundo Road Nairobi Kenya. The organization was founded 05/05/2006 take care of needy and vulnerable children in our community. It was founded by Pastor David Oyaro and Olipher Nyaboke who are Co-Directors. The organization runs as Orphanage and school.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision are derived from the Centre’s motto found in James 1:27: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and Faultless is this; to look after Orphans and Widows in their distress’.

Specifically, we aim at:

  1. Supporting all the orphaned children at Saints orphanage, physical and spiritual needs.
  2. Sensitizing others to be partakers of this noble task by providing them with an opportunity to bless the orphans as God enables them.

Currently, there are 25 children residing in the orphanage. There are an additional 30 children who are supported in its outreach program.

Source of their Funding

Their primary source of funding is Lift The Children but they receive contributions from members of the community.

Areas of Endeavor

Saints provides foster care, feeding, primary and secondary education, health care, counseling and encourages freedom of worship, expression and practice of cultural beliefs by its children.

Present Challenges

Saints needs to complete the purchase of the education centre and to purchase more land to build a larger home for the children.

Relationship with LTC

Throughout the years, LTC has been a friend and good partner to Saints orphanage.  We  thank God for all the support  we have received in the past from LTC. It has been a privilege  working with LTC in the last 10 Years.  LTC began supporting us in the year 2011 and has remained faithful  and on time throughout this time. We currently benefit with a monthly support sum of Kes 27,000.

Funds received from LTC has helped us to make our programme move on smoothly and remain in operational .Without your support, we couldn’t have come this far. For that we will always be grateful for your continued support to Saints orphanage.