We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Place of Grace Children Home

18 children's registered
Nairobi Donholm Phase 8, Policeline Road
+254722556382 / +254722860321


Lift the Children has visited with this orphanage and established that the children living there are genuinely needy, orphaned and abandoned. The home receives their children from relevant government institutions like the department of children, local chief and the police.

The orphanage has also been accepted and recommended by their immediate community as a place that is taking care of the destitute children. During the assessment by LTC- We met with various wellwishers who have donated food, clothes and other in kind support to the orphanage. They confirmed their genuity. The orphanage works with local churches for instance, their children attend local nearby churches for Sunday school.

The orphanage has two committed directors who are in their early forties- They have given up everything to serve the children.


The orphanage has no stable funding because they depend on well-wishers who mostly show up during weekends, major holidays and on other special occasions. They bring food, clothes, dolls and also just visit to play with the children. While this is very good, it does not help the orphanage with the much needed beddings, more space for children to live in a cleaner and safer place and it leaves the directors struggling with school fees payment and medical bills.

What you can do to help

By committing to support Place of Grace orphanage with 345$ per month, you will have begun their first step towards self sufficiency. They will be able to pay part of the rent,purchase some of the food they do not receive from well wishers and on some occasions pay for school fees for the little one. Although your support will not do everything- it is the first step of bringing them within the LTC eco-system where they will be taught many skills that will help them raise more income.

What to Expect

You will be in direct contact with the orphanage and LTC will continue to train and equip them with necessary skills to improve their standing. This means, we will monitor progress and update you accordingly.