We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Pastor do Centro Orfanato do Dondo (Acrifadepro)

25 Residential 124 Outreach
ugust, 2006
Dondo, Dondo, Mozambique

An orphanage in Dondo, Dondo, Mozambique

The Founders

The goal of the founders is to help the children grown in a family environment. They want to help them fulfill their dreams through love and education. They are also taking care of the children’s health and providing food for them.

The Current Centre

The children are living in the founder’s house. The house is made of local materials and is very small in size. Their kitchen is also very close to falling. 7-8 children live in the same room.

Source of their Funding

Currently the orphanage receives no funds. They have a small farm that helps them feed the children. People around the community also take some of the children in to feed them.

Areas of Endeavor

The orphanage provides children with basic knowledge of computers, sciences, carpentering, blacksmithing, and cooking. The facility is short of almost all of the right materials needed for these programs.

Present Challenges

The facility is in need of proper classrooms and materials for teaching. They are also in need of a house and better transportation.