We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Ntimi Home of Hope

10$per child=$500 funded by Lift the Children
Embakasi West Tena Estate Nairobi Kenya
Mr George Onyango and Ms Rose Bhoke

Ntimi Home of Hope is a non-profit making organization situated in Embakasi West Tena Estate Nairobi Kenya.Ntimi Home of Hope is registered with the Ministry of East African Community,Labour and Social Protection Department of Social Development and Heritage as a Charitable Institution.Ntimi takes care of the abandoned,orphaned,the neglected and whose rights have been violated and also work with youths and vulnerable women in the community. Ntimi Home of Hope is organization that was started in the year 2006 Mr George Onyango by who was once a street boy and Ms Rose Bhoke who was an orphan as rehabilitation program for the street children.At that time, Nairobi city had more than 100,000 children who were living on the streets.It is the plight of those children who knew no other home, no other life apart from the streets that come to the existence.

At Ntimi Home of Hope, children are rescue almost on a daily basis .On the streets , dustbins,sewages sites innocent souls are left on their own. In  hospitals, mothers abandon especially young mothers.Police desks are equally busy with children found lost or left on their own without care or protection.All these children of 7 years and below are brought to Ntimi Home of Hope for care and protection. Upon intake,an individual placement plan is made. This involves extensive case works,field visits,follow-ups and enough areas of networking.For those children whose guardians are found and assessed the children are given back to probation care.For those abandoned at birth and no one claiming for them,are released for foster care.Over the years Ntimi Home of Hope has grown both in quality and in magnitude. Currently, Ntimi Home of Hope is taking care and protecting 50 children in our premise  and 100 children in outreach program.A major challenge is that no one comes forward to adopt an Hiv positive baby.As a result ,children who have ever tasted positive remain in the program forever or for a very long time before getting an alternative care.Over the years Ntimi Home of Hope Has steadily grown both in size and quality moving from an individual initiatives to an organization based structure .It presently caters for 150 children including babies from one day old to 18 years(abandoned,orphan, vulnerable children and those neglected). Ntimi Home of Hope strives to help those children understand  that being orphan or vulnerable is not their identity by offering a Godly home, a loving and a family environment.We also identify,develop each childrens unique and special talents,teach, transform and trains the children through education and mentorship.We believe that every child deserves the best start in life  and a chance to fulfill their potential,therefore we support them stand up for them and bring out the best in each and every child.