We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Neema community centre

46 Verified by Lift the Children
10$per child=$460 funded by Lift the Children
Mombasa Jomvu Subcounty Mikajuni
Madam Mlongo Chondo.
 P.O.BOX 1097-80100..
+254711869070, +254713027741


Neema Community Centre was set up to  care and protect the orphans within the community. Many children were left as orphans after their parents died as a result of HIV/AIDS. It was founded by an old lady - Mlongo Chondo who  received a call to care for the orphans on 2011 and started that vision on 2012. Neema Community Centre houses 46 children and also works with several other children around the community under its outreach program.

Through Lift the Children support, children can have access to basic meals, some support towards education and have been supporting the overall living environment to help the home become safer and better for children.