We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Nebas Children Centre

5th May 2005
10$per child=$350 funded by Lift the Children
Likoni, Dimbwini area, Bofu ward Mombasa.
Rev.Fridah Asomi Okila
Nelly Teresina Okila, Director
nebas.centre@yahoo.com; nokila43@gmail.com


Nebas children home was founded by Rev. FridahAsami Okila through her ministry work so the vulnerable and orphan children in dimbwini area and decided to give them care and protection. Our community is not very safe it's a poor community and many youth are not educated and are idle so crime in the neighborhood is there but our children are protected well and don't go out without supervision. But we hope to get land in a better place and relocate. At nebas we use public playground and at the moment due to Covid 19  we can't access the ground we play inside the centre.

We thank lift the children, our Director Mr. Zachuas Ogonji  and all our sponsors and we welcome new sponsor to come and help us to make Nebas a better place for all the needy  children of Dimbwini in likoni.

The Founders/Director

Fridah Asami, a Pastor, noticed during her ministry work, noticed that in the Dimbwini area there are many children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. She started a nursery school with 5 children and it grew into Nebas Children Centre.

The Current Centre

Nebas has 1 kitchen, 1 store, 1 baby’s play area, 1 dining area and 2 bathrooms with a small place outside as a playground.

Source of their Funding

Lift The Children funding provides for running Nebas on a day to day basis. They also receive support from German volunteers and a German pharmaceutical company.

Areas of Endeavor

Nebas has a feeding program for the outreach children. Mama Fridah also pays visits to those who cannot come in. There is an orphanage and a nursery and primary school.

Present Challenges

The Nebas facility is very small. They are looking for a sponsor to help them buy land and expand so they have to turn away fewer children. They would also like to have an income generating project. The older children need their secondary school fees paid for and Nebas needs a reliable source of clean water.