We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Meta Meta Children Home

10$per child=$460 funded by Lift the Children
Westlands District, Nairobi, Kenya
The Director Mrs. Owegi Anjelina
P.O. Box 2488-00606. +254725 679 672 /+254712830841
The Director Mrs. Owegi Anjelina
metarneta _developcentre@gmail.com
meta meta children’s home


Dedicated in giving home-based care and selfless service.

“The hand that gives are holier than the lips that pray.”


Meta Meta began as a Self-Help Group Organization to support the women infected with HIV/AIDS in the community from the year 2000 to enable them sustain themselves through merry go round contributions in a circular manner from one member to another on a monthly basis. Later on, we realized that the number of orphans, vulnerable and children living with HIV/AIDS was more common and serious in society than the need of women.

In the same year Meta Meta Children's Home initiated from being a self-help group so that it could cater for infected women and also accommodate children as well. It was then registered under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development.

The organization runs in Nairobi county, Westlands constituency in Mountain View ward. It is located in an informal settlement and it started with five (5) children of age between one (1) day old to seventeen (17) years. The programme supports affected, infected, orphans and vulnerable children by providing food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care and many others. The organization supports fifty-seven (47) children in total. Four (4) are in college, ten (10) in high school, twenty-four (24) are in primary school, six (6) in pre-primary and four (4) in play group. Seven (7) of them are in outreach program.


  1. Provide educative environment for the needy children and infected women.
  2. Provide care and support to the orphans vulnerable and children in the society.
  3. To establish sustainable community structures and cope vtith the needy children.
  4. To provide physiological and economic support to community members.
  5. To rescue tortured children from the community.


To sought and share experience and ideas aimed in uplifting the living standards of the society to stay a happy, stress free and a brilliant life.


Joining hands together to foster unity in elevating poverty, recognizing and embracing good policy.


To be the best care-giver where orphans can access the basic needs

without intimidation whatsoever.


Meta Meta children's home/development Centre is still raising children due to the rising cases of orphans in the community. We rescue unknown babies from day one, through the police, children’s officer and the local authorities.

At Meta Meta, our main donor is Lift the Children, who support us with Ksh.30,000 per month. Though our monthly budget is approximately Ksh.180,000, (exclusive of school fees). Sometimes the organization gets funds from well-wishers (not consistent) but it is not usually enough since we do not have other committed donor to continue supporting the program.

We still have challenges in raising school fee, school equipment e.g. uniforms and food   We therefore welcome any assistance from well-wishers, donors, sponsors etc.