We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Malaika Children’s Empowerment Centre

12 Residential 1 Outreach
January 2007
Kasarani District, Nairobi, Kenya

An orphanage in Kasarani District, Nairobi, Kenya

Malaika was founded by three women who strive to give the vulnerable children the care for shelter, food and a sense of security, among other things, in order to help reduce poverty.

The Current Centre

Malaika has a small house for the children. The house has electricity and running water.

Source of their Funding

The home receives much of their financial support from the people of the town of Omagh in Northern Ireland. The people of this community donate goods and money to the home. Recent economic hardship in Northern Ireland has been impacting on these activities.

Areas of Endeavor

The children of Malaika Children’s Empowerment Centre attend church services for spiritual guidance. They meet with social workers and counsellors where they are able to confidentially express themselves.They also attend school.

Present Challenges

One of their greatest challenges is security. The home has been broken into and goods stolen. It is also a major challenge to provide clean water, especially during the dry seasons. The home is small so there is a lack of privacy.