We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Life4Kids Children’s Home

25 Children Registered
Eastlands area of Nairobi
254 (0) 722792135 or + 254 (0) 736735667.
P.O Box 1615-00621 village market Nairobi

The Life4kids Children Home is a Charitable Children Institution for boys working with children who are vulnerable and in need of care, provision and protection! The focus is on street children!! Life4kids was founded in 2010 and it was formally registered as a Charitable Children Institution in 2015 by the government of Kenya.

Life4kids is situated in the Eastlands area of Nairobi, on Spine road, Nasra estate inside Karen Court, not so far away from Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital. Nasra estate is a gated community that has enough security both day and night! You can reach us via email address life4kidss@gmail.com or P.O Box 1615-00621 village market Nairobi. Contact number is + 254 (0) 722792135 or + 254 (0) 736735667.

Life4kids receive 400 dollars every month from Lift the children to help us run the home. We are so grateful!!

We have 25 boys that we support and help every month. 15 of our boys are still under 18 years which means they are children and still living in the home. 10 of our boys are 18 years and above, 8 of the 10 are in different boarding high schools and two are supposed to join college by the beginning of next year!

We have a two-bedroom rented apartment that hosts our ten older boys! They live separately from the young ones.

Life4kids has a plan to take in ten more young boys who are orphans/ vulnerable from age 3 to 7 years. We will soon start doing a street feeding program to help us find them.

Bringing in another 10 boys over the next many months will dramatically impact the budget of the home. The Children’s Charities branch of the Kenyan Government is requiring us to move to a much larger home (double the size of what we have now). But while it’s challenging, it’s also rewarding. Ten more little boys will come off the streets into a home filled with love and support. Instead of sleeping in an alley or dump, they’ll sleep in a warm bed. They’ll get an education, health care, clean clothes, nutritious meals, and counselling. So, while we may feel oppressed by the coronavirus, we do have a roof over our head, and we do eat regular meals.

Our future long-term plan is to buy land and build a home so that we are able to sustain our selves and have a permanent home for the children. There are so many needy children that are praying and waiting for such a miracle or opportunity to happen in their lives. We pray and hope that all our dreams will come true soon.

Source of their Funding

Life4Kids relies on donations and good-will from private donors.

Areas of Endeavor

The children are offered primary through secondary education as well as vocational training. They also provide children with healthcare, clothes, school fees, uniforms, books, tuition fees, art and crafts, music, as well as sports programs. They teach children how to grow some simple crops, hold chickens and rabbits. Regular feeding programs are provided to children still living on the streets as well.

Present Challenges

Life4Kids is not initiated nor affiliated with any government or church. It is solely a grass roots type organization founded by one single person. Due to increasing living expenses, Life4kids runs on a deficit and struggles to maintain the monthly running expenses.

Mrs Jane Wasike

Managing Director of The Life4kids Children’s Home, Kenya

Amelie Sorensen (Founder).