We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Liberty Foundation Centre (L.F.C.) – Faith Childrens

$10 per child=$200 funded by Lift the Children
LFC is allocated in Mombasa Kenya jomvu Mikajuni Alidina From mombasa town to our kilometers   Liberty foundation centre
 Mr Robert Mueke
P.o.box 88968-80100,+254722360827/+254735862154

About Liberty Foundation Centre.

Was founded by Mr Robert Mueke

on the year 2007 as outreach primarily to fight for the rights of children,stop child abuse and care,protect them from any form of A buse give them peace, Education, Aspiration,respect, Health,Love and smile

Therefore we envisage mainstreaming these children in the national building by providing support in our centre.

Number of orphans in residence is 20

Number of orphans in outreach program is 300

Monthly support provided  is 250 UDS

Our mission

To care, prevent, report and respond to cases involving abuse.


A world where no child at no time should Go Hungry  for Nutrition, Education, Shelter, Medical services and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

The problem of the abused child, street, children is acute due to urbanization and industrialization. Due to the deaths of HIV/AIDS affected persons, remarriage of  deserted / widowed divorced, absence of love and security in the families , family disputes , unwanted pregnancy of trafficking/ sexually exploited girls. These children are involved in rag picking , pick pocketing and participating in anti social , criminal activities .our foundation is aiming to make a difference in them .

Supporting Activities


Classes are offered in hygiene, prevention,strength and fitness, proper diet, infant care etc

We host teams to offer free health clinic for the children and the community, children placed in care receive an initial physical examination and are scheduled for the checkups.

Liberty foundation centre has established a child to child program {CTCP} which is a Talent nurture program to all children under our program.

Music groups, dramatist groups, football groups, arts etc.

We strive to awaken the arts in each child, special instruction in arts is available to children among others.


The  focal point of our sponsorship program is developing children through education our program doesn't stop at high school we offer as well to ensure our sponsored children can become significantly employed

Child protection

Liberty foundation centre  keeps the most vulnerable children safe from harm. We bring about lasting changes to ensure children are safe and protected by influencing national and international policy and practices by listening to children and  Educating the parents .


CTCP {child to child program} provides professional counseling to all children families through qualified counselors . Every month our staff visit families to prepare for integration and child reuniting

Help families resolve their disputes through qualified family mediators and assist them  to work through their issues  in a professional and cultural manner.

Family Mediation

LFC uses mediation in solving problems which affects children in the community and as the alternative dispute resolution between guardians and children.

This help us resolving disputes before or after separation or divorce in family mediation ,couple are assisted to look for their own resolutions to the conflicts eg

  • Conflict between a parent and the child
  • Homelessness caused as result of family arguments
  • Disagreement over care for the children

Youth Empowerment program 

Through empowerment programs that build leadership, teamwork and confidence by introducing more skills for youths training, talent nurture and self to self feeding.

Liberty foundation centre Challenges

  • -Increasing number of orphans within the community who need our support.
  • -luck of resources
  • -Children house. {Currently we are renting the  children house as we hope to build our own house}

It is our hope that you will partner with us ,and  help us to achieve our mission. For more information you can call +254722360827 or visit our Facebook page.

Thank you LTC for your help and Support.