We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Lemalah Children’s Home

About Lemalah Children's Home

Lemalah was begun to holistically guide underprivileged children towards a responsible and self-reliant adulthood. The home offers basic necessities and ensures the physical and emotional well-being of its residents. In addition, the home gives children hope, motivating them to become hardworking citizens who will give back to society.

Lemalah, meaning "upward" in Hebrew, was created by Pastor Peter Warari. Born to a single mother in a large family, he faced a difficult childhood. Having a number of children to care for, Peter's mother supported them by working as a casual agricultural laborer. In primary school, Peter performed well and was often a leading student. His family's financial challenges, however, prevented him from pursuing further studies continuously. Peter's experiences led him to begin feeding and providing for local children despite a lack of funds. His sympathy later prompted him to construct several permanent residences with a group of well wishers, creating a home. Today, he hosts 28 children, 5 of whom are attending secondary school.

Lemalah is still under construction, and relies on funds from well wishers and livestock rearing. The home is challenged with providing basic necessities, academic support, and healthcare. Lemalah currently does not have a permanent source of funding and welcomes assistance from donors around the world.