We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Kawangware Initiative Centre

August, 2011
$10 per child=$400 funded by Lift the Children
Kasarani District, Nairobi, Kenya
Brother John Bonface Sakwa and Jane Khaddi

An orphanage in Kasarani District, Nairobi, Kenya

The Founders/Director

The home was founded by Brother John Bonface Sakwa, a religious leader and teacher, and also by Jane Khaddi, a mother and caregiver. Their goal is to provide orphaned and homeless children with a loving home

The Current Centre

The home consists of six rooms in total. Some of this is for sleeping and kitchen spaces, and some is for the education centre where the children go to classes.

Source of their Funding

They receive financial support from a local church as well as donations from friends and local well wishers. The founders also contribute funds.

Areas of Endeavor

Kawangware strives to shelter the homeless children and give food and clothing to as many children as they can. They also provide education and empowerment training programs for their children.

Present Challenges

The home faces many challenges. At present, they are struggling to provide the necessities of food, clothing, medical care and school related fees, as well as paying rent.