We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Joy Valley Children’s Home

75 Residential 65 Outreach
August 2005
Dagoretti, Nairobi, Kenya

An orphanage in Dagoretti, Nairobi, Kenya

The Founders/Director

Pastor Jared OtienoOgutu was called upon to help the many children who were lost homeless and had no-one to care for them. His goal is to help the children realize their dreams and fulfill their potential so that they may become the leaders of tomorrow.

The Current Centre

There are two dormitories for shelter. There are also two incomplete buildings, one for primary school and one for secondary. There is a small room for computer, sewing and hairdressing classes.

Source of their Funding

Funding wise, the centre is blessed most by Lift the Children. Minor funding comes from government as well as well wishers.

Areas of Endeavor

They provide basic shelter. They also provide a basic level of primary and secondary education.

Present Challenges

The centre is challenged most in providing bedding and space for the children to sleep. They are also struggling to provide a decent quality education.