We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Huband Cradle of Hope Children’s Home

10$per child=$200 funded by Lift the Children
Kajiado North, Nairobi, Kenya
John Machio
PURITY WAMBUI +254795766089
CLINT MACHIO +254705010033

Founded by Kenyan-born Toronto resident John Machio in 2002, Huband Cradle of Hope (HCH) is a safe, loving and nurturing home in Kenya for children born into poverty or affected by HIV/AIDS, and who have been marginalized and neglected. Our non-governmental organization’s vision is to help build hope and self worth in the children of HCH so that they may enjoy healthy, joyful and meaningful lives. HCH is a registered Canadian charitable organization with both a Canadian and Kenyan Board of Directors. HCH does not get any government funding and is entirely supported by loyal Marafiki (Swahili for “friends”) worldwide.

HCH Vision

To help build hope and self worth in the children of Huband Cradle of Hope children’s home so that they may enjoy healthy, joyful and meaningful lives.

HCH Mission

To do everything we can, every day, to make Huband Cradle of Hope children’s home a loving, safe and positive environment for Kenyan children in need.

The Home

HCH is located in a large rented house in Ngong 2km from ngong town off KAHARA ROAD opposite traffic school. The children sleep in dormitories based on age and gender. Basic but nutritious meals are provided three times a day. All the children go to school. The children range in age and the older children help look after the younger ones. HCH staff include: matrons, a cook, a social worker and a caretaker. They have been with the home for years and take pride in their work. They genuinely love the children. The home is inspected regularly by the Kenyan ministry for children and complies with all the Kenyan regulations. In 2009, HCH received a national award citing it as an outstanding charity.

The Current Centre

The facility has four bedroom house, servant quarters, a garage that is used as a kitchen, 12 double decker beds, a kitchen, and garden.

Source of their Funding

They are supported by the founders, but because of ill health, they had to resign. Also they are supported by Lift the Children foundation.

Areas of Endeavor

Education, Psychosocial support, shelter, and food.

Present Challenges

They need funds to buy their own land. They need funds to help with paying school fees, paying their rent, and salaries for the workers at the orphanage.