We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Havilah Children’s Home

10$ per child=$200 funded by Lift the Children
Kasarani, Mwiki – Njiru road, Mwiki Deliverance Road, 9th Street.
Madam Sophia
P. O. Box 105212-00101 NRB,+254722810429
Pastor Samuel Wainaina- Chairman

Description of neighborhood

Havillah is located in Kasarani Mwiki about 1.5km from the main road. It is located among other residential buildings, shops and churches. We technically have other people living on either side of our fences. All the schools attended by the children are also conveniently walking distance from the home saving in bus fare costs. The local market is stocked with dry foodstuff and vegetables and again we this too is walking distance. The children around us are friendly and are likely to be found playing with the kids from the home.

The Founders/Director

The founder is Sophia, and her assistant, who is not the director, Grace. Both Sophia and Grace found themselves feeding children from the community, and decided to take a bigger step to help provide food and education for the children to help them have a brighter future.

The Current Centre

2 bedrooms for boys, 6 bedrooms for girls, and 2 bedrooms for infants and young children. Facilities also have a cooking and dining area and an unfinished, rented premise for the preschool children.

Source of their Funding

They are mainly supported by well wishers and occasionally, from local churches and shops. The government provides food and cash only once a year which only lasts three months.

Areas of Endeavor

They have a preschool for education, food and shelter for the children, and an infant care program.

Present Challenges

They need funds for wages for the workers, clean water, funds to pay the electricity bill and funds to pay for school fees and tertiary colleges.