We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.


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Moisbridge Usain Gishu County, Cheparus sub-location Mount view Milimani behind sironoi home
Paul Makokha Machmbo 

Geta orphanage home was founded in 2004. This was formed due to the calamities that are highly feared in our county, (HIV and deaths of many people especially adults). Paul Machimbo, as the founder of Geta Orphanage did this in order to teach many people about this situation which could help the families and societies.

Secondly, the areas that we live in, there is a high poverty rate/level and strange sickness like malaria, typhoid and even tribal clashes which left little children orphans with no help. This forced many young children to move to towns as street children. On the other hand we observe that many children are being abandoned by their parents leading to no parent or relative to these kids.

From this we started helping these children form their homes, talking to available schools around them, buying school uniforms for them and providing food for them. In 2012 we got a missionary whom helped us so much we bought these children with  us in which we built an orphanage which they ate in till were abandoned, i most of them we see they are cases of rape and others HIC victims.

Lastly we have challenges with these kids (children) going to school, like paying school fees, feeding and sometimes medical attention and even their clothing. I really hope that the Almighty God will help us provide and hold hands with these children. Since the pandemic “Corona Covid - 19” started, the situation has become so hard for us, because the missionaries who were helping us left and they have not been in touch since then. And for bow we only depend on to the goodwill and well - wishers who have the heart to help