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Furaha House Children Home

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January 2018
From $470 per month
Kenya, Vihiga County, Emuhaya Sub-county, West Bunyore Ward Near Emukhunzulu Primary School.
Josephine Leah Ayuma AND Joshua Njinga
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Furaha House is translated to mean- Happiness House. Furaha House was started in November of 2017 by Josephine and Joshua. Husband and Wife, Having raised their children through hardship in the village and now all their children having left home, Josephine wanted to do something that would touch her community positively and largely find her own purpose. She discussed her burden with her husband and together they agreed to turn an old mother in-law house into a place that could host and provide for needy children in the community.

Theirs was simply, grow maize and vegetables on their farm and use this to feed a few children that were in total distress. With the help of their Children, they registered as a self Help group and sought approval from the children department. With this, they began with hosting four children. 

Over the two years, the number grew to 25 and now they have 45 children who depend on Furaha House for food, education and Shelter. They have managed well so far but they see more and more needs and are afraid they will not keep running any longer.

Furaha House is located in a rural set- up and is very keen on short term support for children who are victims of Gender based violence, convicted parents, when divorce happens the children are left hanging around, orphans whose parents have died and left under the care of grandmothers or Children abandoned during hunger seasons.

Beyond just providing for the Children, Josephine, who now has one caregiver also undertakes counseling and support for couples and families that are in distress to help them stick together or find solutions that also favours their children's well being.

Furaha House has a simple mission- To give hope to children of their community through giving love and care in all forms. 


We have visited and confirmed that Children living in Furaha House are cared for by a loving caregiver, Josephine and Joshua take care of the children in the best way possible- Making Furaha house a truly Happiness filled place.

The children attend a nearby school and whenever an opportunity to link the children back to their families manifests, Josephine seizes it wholeheartedly.

If you wish to sponsor this Home, your contribution will go towards ensuring the Children stay in school, have basic hygiene products and that they can eat throughout the year.

Also in a special way you could support special projects like construction, purchase of beddings and other needs as they arise and are approved by Lift the Children.