We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Furaha House Children’s Home

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January 2018
Kenya, Vihiga County, Emuhaya Sub-county, West Bunyore Ward Near Emukhunzulu Primary School.
Josephine Leah Ayuma AND Joshua Njinga
+254791308252 +254726462705

About Furaha House Children's Home

Furaha House was created by couple Josephine and Joshua, whose mission was give hope to local children by offering care and love. Having raised her own children through hardship, Josephine wanted to serve the community and find her purpose. She and her husband began growing crops to feed destitute youth. They later registered as a self-help group to manage a home.

Furaha House means 'House of Happiness', offering needy children shelter and the chance to attend school. It also undertakes counselling for families in distress to help them remain together. The home is keen on providing short-term support to children who have convicted parents, are orphans, or who have faced gender-based violence. In the event that a child can be reunited with their family, Furaha House seizes the opportunity wholeheartedly.

As Furaha House welcomes more children in need, it seeks additional support to ensure the home will continue to run.