We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Fountain Of Hope Centre


Fountain Of Hope Centre was registered under the Ministry of Gender, Social and Cultural Services in 2011 as a non-profit, grass root community based organization dealing with street Children, vulnerable and orphaned Children in Kabuku, Limuru Kiambu County.

The Centre strives to nurture, protect and care for the street children who are left in the streets and also children from poor and broken families. Its purpose is to promote the total development of children through loving care in a homely atmosphere with adequate nutrition and healthy social interaction and to educate all children till they are old and mature enough to venture out independently.


Our mission is to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of homeless children/youth through counselling and  mentorship  from early age that will see the children build their esteem, become focused, undertake projects and manage their own socio-economic projects that are sustainable and of benefit to them through accountability and good governance


To help bridge the gap between children, youth and the community by rehabilitating, counselling, Giving Shelter, educating/providing vocational training, giving of livelihood skills and finally reintegration.


To provide a stable foundation that is rooted in education and health care for street children, orphans, vulnerable, deprived and destitute children who have lost their own family. We will provide a loving and safe, family environment that enables children the right to a happy, educated, skilled and healthy life.



Fountain of Hope Centre has been rehabilitating street children since 2010. It takes a period of at least six months depending on the seriousness of addiction to drugs or to other harmful substances they use, attitudes towards life, level of education etc. During this time, they are counselled and guided on how to become better people. They are engaged in various activities i.e livelihood  skills and for the young ones they are taken back to school and later reintegrated with their families and guardians  

Many homes bear many children who are not entirely orphans and as a home it is our mandate and duty to find a Childs family existing either parent, siblings or guardian. 

Whatever the cause(s) that led the child to opt for street life, it is our mandate to try and resolve the issue. Be it because of poverty, family feuds, disinheritance, we find a mutual ground and begin the process of healing for both parties and finally reintegration takes place. Reintegration can takes weeks months or even years as these is dependant on when the child and the family/guardian will have developed a positive healthy bond.


The children go through formal and non-formal education,  that has been designed by the ministry of education. The subjects taught include:- Social studies English, mathematics, Kiswahili, and science.

Vocational skills taught to the boys and girls include:Agri-business, Tailoring & Desing, Hair dressing & Beauty, Mechanic, Welding, Driving, Carpentry, Electronics & computer training. Carpet making and beadwork.


We desire to start our own technical centre so we are able to help our own from the streets, juveniles, those that have finnished High school and the surrounding community. Welding machine/Tool box, Computers,  Sewing Machines, Catering and Bakery equipment, Hair and Beauty products, will be a good start for the home, and a huge burden released from having to pay college fees for those in technical colleges.



FOH relies heavily on selling pigglets so as to cater for school fees, and utility bills. However selling pigglets is not as reliable since many people prefer meat as opposed to keeping pigglets/pigs, therefore finaces remain pressing even after we have managed to sell what we can, mortality is another issue especially due to the cold and we lack a condusive sty for the pigs so as to grow them into adult pigs that are sellable and bring in more returns.  We are also currently mixing our own feeds after setbacks that caused stagnancy in our piglets from 4months of age, hence in need of a feed mixer that will enable us produce more feeds  that well mixed.


We mostly keep kienyeji chicken that resistant and growth is natural. Currently we can only sell chicken during christmas season since mostly they are taken as meat for the children once a week to substitute for proteins and the eggs are added to porridge since some of our chidren are either Hiv positive, suffering from malnutition hence require eggs as part of their daily meal plan. If we could have an incubator, we will substancially increase our chicken especially coming from a cold area where at times eggs are hard to find due to the cold. Surplus chicken will also allow the children meat atleast twice a week and surplus sold during the holidays to generate income for the home.


From the sale of pigglets a small sacrifice was made so we could start a black soldier fly project. These was done due to multiple compromised feeds from different companys when it comes to protein supplement which is much needed for good growth of animals. Currently we are able to have 2kgs of dried B.S.F which we ae currenly feeding our pigs and the larvae stage harvested to feed the chicken. Our long term goal is to have a feeds shop where our animals/poultry  will benefit but also farmers looking for good quality feeds.These would be a great income generating project that can run the home comfortably, from school fees, day to day activities, and even rehabilitation which is a very expensive affair.

As Fountain of Hope Centre, the house we live in is on rental basis. It is a 9 bedroom house and it is our desire to have it as a permanent home for the children, a place where they can rely on even when the going gets tough they have a place to run back to. The house we occupy is on sale at kenya shillings 10 Million, and currently renting at 20,000 per month. Any  aid towards purchasing of these home would highly be appreciated as it is we are already past our 2 year lease agreement, we would want to honor a promise that these home will bear the name of Fountain of Hope Centre and have the chidren as trustees.