We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Faraja Adventist Children Centre

35 Residential 73Outreach
March 2005
Kajiado County, Ngong Township, Kenya
P.O. Box 57526-00200
bosirem8@gmail.com & FarajaAdventist.kids@gmail.com
Martha Moraa Bosire,Teacher

Brief description of the neighborhood – the current situation  is a cool and  dry place. t in all we thank the almighty for the far he has brought us and his everlasting mercies for the divine connection with Lift the children and the continuity of good leadership and governance that was handed over from Mr. Emmanuel to Zacchaeus Who works day and night to make sure that each and every child in orphanages  in Kenya are getting the right treatment.

As we speak, Faraja is already in possession of the following.

Land, Residential facilities, A few beds in good condition, A few mattresses, A few dining tables, Cooking facilities, Some fuel, Water storage facilities. (tanks)


Our current neighborhood is peaceful but because of, the nomadic life of settlement, we are unable to settle till we have chosen to move to a place where kids can also learn to use their hands, energy, and brains.

I want to appreciate one of our board members who has offered land a facilities to Faraja.

Infrastructures: are very far including schools, market centers, hospitals, worship places and even admin. Offices. Call it.

Means of communication, where to get power to charge our laptops, vans to move us from one place to the other…!!!!

But; not all things can be bad, we appreciate God that there is enough playground for breathing.  Social distancing, very good and conducive.

With the covid - 19, life we have really missed well-wishers visiting.

Offices dealing with the children open twice week which has made other activities difficult to move. i.e. re-integration, sourcing for resources. Meetings on social media…wa!

Far neighborhood; peaceful but ever dry, no water, no horticultural farming except nomadic life, that has led us to look for a place where we can farm to bring our costs down.

We have already attached photos showing our new home.

Soon we shall embark on building our new home

Kindly connect us with other new partners so that we do a workshop center for both our kids and the community kids, unlike that of Gybiack in Thika. that’s our desire.

In the meantime, we need the following; Covid- 19, Era, hygiene equipment and supplies. (8) points.

Replacement of old beddings (mattresses, beds, blankets and bedsheets.

Replacement of broken chairs.

Replacement of broken utensils and relocation fee support.

Looking forward to moving to our destined and permanent home already shown on pictures above in Soi, Eldoret. KITALE>

The Faraja family is so much excited!

To have you as our timely partner, friend and ever present in time of need.

Source of their Funding

The majority of their funding comes from Lift the Children.  They are also supported by well wishers for some necessities, and the Longonot Education Initiative provides money for utility bills.

Areas of Endeavor

Faraja Childrens tries to provide a full range of opportunities for their children.  They give the children access to education, medical care and counselling and rehabilitation.  They also help reintegrate the children back into the community.

Present Challenges

They are struggling to give the children enough nutritious food and to pay for medical care and education related fees.  Faraja Childrens is also trying to raise funds to establish an income generating project.

We invite (you) our Kenya representative Director to visit us.

If you find me repeating myself, kindly bear it’s because of excitements!

Once again thank you!

Martha Moraa Bosire