We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Estel Children’s Centre

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March 2008
10$per child=$520 funded by Lift the Children
Kayole,Embakasi Discrict
P.O. BOX 18139-00500 NAIROBI, KENYA+254721671472


Estel children’s Centre is a Christine focused relief and development organization. It is currently offering relief and care support to vulnerable children in Kayole Location Embakasi District.

ECC(ESTEL CHILDREN’S CENTRE) is a community partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our lord Jesus Christ in working with the poor and the oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the kingdom of God

Our vision for every child , life in its fullness, our prayer for every heart, Kenya in harmony, Estel children’s Centre is in the forefront of implementing relief and development programs in Kayole and the gains made so far are reversed by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


ESTEL CHILDREN’S CENTRE is a community based organization that carries out its functions in Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya, and kayole location. ECC is registered with the Kenya government as a CBO way back in the year 2007 by a group of Christine believers compelled with compassion to support the less fortunate children in our society especially the homeless in the street and total orphans. We have in our custody as at now a population of 57 boys and girls with the ages ranging from 1day to 18years  all of who board at the Centre fully catered for in terms of food, education, clothing, medical and other basic essential needs.


The large number of street children is a serious development issue. It impacts a heavy toll in our intellectual, our economy and societal set up. It also overburdens and outstretches the extended family set up and in a slum area situation, these children are left to fend for themselves. In most cases the girl child end up as sex commercial workers to feed their siblings.


  • The major goal is to provide basic formal education and parenting care to the unprivileged children of our society.
  • Provide them with a conducive shelter where they live together under strict caretaker to keep them away from the influence of peer groups that are still living in the streets.
  • (INTEGRATION) To transfer those of eighteen years and above to their respective families or relatives if they may so wish under a careful scrutiny by the management mercenary.
  • To provide vocational training courses for standard eight and form four leavers.


In line with the Kenya government policy of providing free primary education, there is also need to develop a realistic and effective policies, relevant programs and culturally sensitive strategies for the rehabilitation of orphaned and street children where they will be able to get parental care and education to stop them from dropping out from school and becoming destitute. This in deed is inventible method that can bar or deter our youths from drug taking, alcoholism, and immoral practices and for the girl child from becoming sex commercial.


A society that all children enjoy their rights equally both morally and socially


To reach the unprivileged and accomplish a comprehensive change that makes life meaningful.


Estel children’s center is headed by a chairperson of the organization assisted by the vice, secretary, the treasurer and in close collaboration with the relevant committee members that makes the full board. They oversee and discharge functions.

Neighbors and the neighborhood

Our neighborhood consists of both good and bad individuals,but we majorly consider  the good ones as they always offer any kind of help whenever indeed. They create a good environment for the children as well as being their guardians at times. This has enabled peaceful coexistence between the centre and the neighbors.

The neighborhood is generally made of shacks, many people live in one roomed house. A toilet and bathroom is typically shared between 7 to 13 families.