We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Emmanuel Orphanage Center

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Emmanuel Orphanage Centre was started in the year 2014. Our pastor Mr. Robert Barasa during one of his crusade and daily walks came across little children who did not have a place to call home due to death of parents, and some children lack support from their guardians, this touched him and thus when he decided to have a home for them thus founding of Emmanuel Orphanage home. The main aim of this orphanage is to cater for the needy and vulnerable people in the community.

Many children became street children after getting mistreated and forced into child labor by their parents and guardians thus the establishment of Emmanuel Orphanage Center.

The Orphanage was started after realizing that there were more children in the community who needed shelter, education and proper medication. After the establishment and start of operation of Emmanuel Orphanage more vulnerable people living in the community came to join us. We have housed and provided basic need to elderly, widowed divorced members in the community 

Due to the hard work and effort we put in running Emmanuel Orphanage we had visitors from various universities who came for benchmarking to see how we run the orphanage.

So far up to now we have 28 children, some who are in high schools, primary schools and ECDE classes.

By the grace of God we are faring on but we have a few challenges here and there such as inadequate food supply, beddings, and fees for the school going children, medication and proper sanitation. We thank God so far for his mercies

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