We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Elroi Hope Centre

34 Residential 80 Outreach
Embakasi Central, Komorocks ward
0722929808 elrahopecentre@gmaitcom
Susan Njuguna-Founder

Orphans in the orphanage. Currently there are 34 children at the cent er which translate into 14 boys and 20 girls

In the outreach programme, we have 80 children.

Elroi hope center was founded in the year 2009 as a charitable organi zation

On monthly basis, we support children with shelter, clothes, good med ical care, Education and counseling services. I his is besides food on d ally basis.

We are located in Embakasi Central, Komorocks ward, Musaponi c curt, House number 174 C. Postal Address 767-00618 Nairobi.

We live in a 5 bedroom rented home within Komorocks where we accom modate all our orphans. We have four social workers who facilitate in hel ping the children in all aspects of their lives as they grow up physically, e motionally, socially and spiritually. Our neighbors are very friendly and an ry supportive


Our mission is to provide empowerment to orphans, vulnerable children; youth at risk, women (widows) and with psychosocial skills and knowledge that are necessary to boost their self esteem, life skills and enhance opportunities for self reliance