We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Doors of Hope Children’s Home

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April 2016
From $110 per month
Kitale, Kenya  
Edward Nyongesa Kwanusu 

Doors of hope children's is a Christian based organization that started in Aprill 2016. 

It is a ministry that has been there for 4 years now which deals with the less- fortunate children in the society, we begun by working with street families by feeding them and providing clothing for them and other basic necessities for living. 

By the end the year 2016 we had managed to be able to feed 20 families comfortably and we were also able to rehabilitate 7 children from streets back to their parents. 

  Through much interaction and build up good relational bond with these families and children we were able to discover that feeding them was good but was a fantasy for them and it was not solving the equation of life to them and we would feel this even from how the boys would react on issues matters life. 

So we began changing the approach and being a social worker, a father and a man of God I believed in a total change in a person's life so we began to look for the possible ways of renting a place so that we can able to feed these children and be able to know them better and be able also to take them to school for those of them who had drop out of school.

 Therefore we rented a place where we brought in 8 boys from street whom we have been able to take them to a good school and have been able to feed them.

We also have girls from two families, one family the mother died and left 5 children and the father abandoned them so rescued the for younger children whom we also help but for now the girls are not living with us because we opted to separate them from these boys because of lack of enough space in the house where we house the boys.

So this year we were able to get 2 coming in adding to the number, and these aren’t from streets but they were abandoned by parents, so we have 11 boys living with us and 4 girls living with my uncle but we support them from there .