We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Divine Mercy Hope Children’s Home

28 Children Registered
Kiambu County, Githunguri Sub-County, Ikinu Location, Ngemwa village at Ngemwa
+254 710322946
P.O BOX 9149-00200 Nairobi

Brief History and Mission

Divine Mercy Hope is a children’s charitable institution registered as a Faith Based Organization (FBO) in 2 0 0 9 . The Home is located at Kiambu County, Githun guri Sub-County, Ikin u Location, Ngemwa village at Ngemwa – Kiaibabu Road 1 km from Ngemwa shopping centre.

It was founded by Sr. Esther Wanjiku Kihara, with an aim of rescuing abandoned and extremely neglected children within Githun guri Sub-county. It currently is the only CCI in Githun guri Sub County that specializes in admission and care for infants and toddlers.

Many of the children that are admitted are abandoned, abused, and neglected after family breakup, separation o r death of parents.

This Home was inspired by founder’s experience while she worked in hospital as part of her missionary assignment. At the hospital she continuously witnessed mothers-to-be demanding termination of pregnancies, mothers who had newly delivered disowning their children and others throwing their toddlers away; this was especially rampant in Kiambu where she worked.

The home also seeks to serve young girls and boys whofaced abuse and also those that were orphaned and neglected by their relatives.

The home runs income generating projects (farming; goats, poultry, cows, pigs) that fund the day to day operations of the institution. From time to time, the home receives donations from well-wishers. The home has no funder or sponsor as at the moment.

The home currently serves 2 8 children in need of care and protection (22 girls, 6 boys) among them 6 toddlers.

All of these children have been rescued from dire situations and now have a hope to grow in a space free from life-threatening situations. They now have a chance to be adopted into healthier and loving families.


Abandoned and neglected infants and toddlers Orphaned and abused children

Children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS


To stretch the mercy of Christ to all abandoned and vulnerable children, giving each a chance to grow in the love of Jesus Christ.


No child born into this world shall be alone, dejected and abandoned.




Love and compassion



Divine Mercy Hope Children’s Home is governed by a Board of trustees and a management team. Community and spiritual leaders play a role in the leadership and management of the Home.



Day-to-day project planning and implementation is run by the founder/director with the support of the manager. The board of directors also work closely offering insights o n existing and new projects and programs.


The Home generates most of its funds solely from farming (goat and cattle rearing, vegetable farming). Occasionally, the Home receives small gifts/donations from friends and well-wishers.

The home seeks to expand into further areas of farming including poultry farming to boost income generation.


Divine Mercy Hope Children’s Home has a standard bank account where all monies generated from its various income-generating units and from well-wisher-donations are deposited. Every fiscal year, the Home publishes a financial report that is shared with all board members and the sub-county children’s office for review

The Home has so far been able to sustain most of its operations with the monies generated. There is however other critical areas which need more financial boost than the Home can afford. They include; staffing, structural developments, community outreach programs.


Divine Mercy Hope Children’s Home has made progressive impact since its foundation. By ensuring that abandoned babies have a safe place to be sheltered and later a loving environment to grow up in, the Home has played an instrumental role in curbing infant mortality rate in the region.

While the success of this rescue program is so evident in the happy and healthy children living within the walls of this Home, the actualization of this noble mission is often met with unparalleled hurdles;

There is a mounting case of abandoned babies being referred to Divine Mercy Hope Children Home. While they are received with love and all earnest intentions, it becomes challenging to offer quality and personalized attention to each child as should be the case. The home is thus in need of support to get more house mothers to attend to the needs of the children.

Many of the rescued children are between 0 -5 months old. They thus need milk formula to sustain them which is not always available given the financial capability of the home.

A great percentage of the children received into this home have a myriad of health complications owing to their background; Githun guri is generally cold and most abandoned babies are found left in the harsh weather. Their parents are also usually from destitute households which leaves most children born malnourished and in poor health.

While the Centre addresses the emergency need to offer care and protection to these needy children, the root source of the problem is left unresolved; the community still remains blind to the critical perpetrators of child abandonment. Many are uninformed of ways they can mitigate this. Mothers-to-be are unaware of sources of help that they can seek to prevent the horrible outcomes of abandoning their babies out of desperation.