We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Destiny Rescue Center

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$10 per child=$420 funded by Lift the Children
Embakasi Central Komarocks Ward
Ms Florence

We are located in Nasra Gardens Estate Muthaiga Court House No.803.Along Kayole Spine Road in Embakasi Central Komarocks Ward.

We support children by providing basic needs that is, food, shelter, education, medical care, counselling and access to legal service.

We live in a gated community in a five bedroom which is a rental premises. The neighborhood was not very welcoming at first, but slowly they are embracing the idea of  having a Rescue center in the area. We have access to clean water, electricity, and good sanitation. We can as well easily access health facility the nearest being Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

The Home was founded by Ms. Florence. Who was inspired to serve young girls that are abused and or victims of early marriages and Female Genital Mutilation.