We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Dagoretti Early Child Intervention Program

39 Residential, 10 Outreach
September 1st 1999
Dagoretti south, Waithaka/ Mutuini area
0721967334, decip2020@gmail.com
Felister Wangui Kibe, Director

We live in a community. Our neighbors are a one clan, majority being Kikuyu. The other few tribes have  rented. The community is mainly affected by alcoholism. Many orphans are as a result of HIV/AIDS as the community is one of those who were highly affected by the same. In the community there are many children who are under the care of their grandparents as their parents passed away. There is a slaughter house in the community and higher social class neighbourhood, karen and racecourse, this inturn provides cheap labor which has seen some of the children not attending school .

The Founders/Director

Felista Kibe, is the founder. And Felista’s main motive is to protect the orphans and vulnerable children and to protect their rights.

The Current Centre

They have a plot of land where they have built a temporary structure so they have shelter, and they have access to water.

Source of their Funding

They receive their funds from Lift the Children Foundation, Children Living with AIDS Charity, and Friends of DECIP family.

Areas of Endeavor

They want to provide a safe shelter for the children, provide food and clothing, education and good medical care, and provide a clean and healthy environment.

Present Challenges

They need funds to be able to give enough food to all the children, to provide more space so they can provide more reach out, funds to pay bills and basic needs, and a way to maintain staff and board structures.