We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Christian Provision Ministries

28 Residential 4 Outreach
February 2004
Nairobi Kayoli Soweta, Kenya

An orphanage in Nairobi Kayoli Soweta, Kenya

The Founders

The main motive of Mr. and Mrs. Pastor Samuel Olweny is to see the kids discover their purpose and have meaningful life and believe in themselves that they have a future.

The Current Centre

A building to house the kids, classroom and a worship hall.

Source of their Funding

Funds are supported entirely on Well Wishers and Lift the Children; sometimes from Local churches as well.

Areas of Endeavor

Provides education for the kids, home base care, clothing, medical support, sports, and educational outings.

Present Challenges

Urgently need more facilities for housing and classrooms, more land to build a high school and vocational center.