We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Christ the Hope Children’s Rescue Centre

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$10 per child=$320 funded by Lift the Children
Embakasi Central, Kayole location corner near Quarry.
Mrs. Teresia
+2547 20762003 or +2547 23480490
Teresia Watere Wanjohi, Director

Before Lift the Children started to support Christ the Hope Children's rescue center- they had numerous challenges, children went without food, they were constantly send out of school and struggled to keep up with rent and other bills.

Although Teresia the founder has real passion and concern for the vulnerable and orphaned children, she needed help to actualize her work.

Lift the Children stepped in to provide part of the finances required to stabilize the operations. Through our support and linkages, the orphanage has been able to get sufficient beds, clean and well kept space where children live comfortably and can attend school.

The center is located in Kayole a place where majority of people lack employment and depend on small businesses, casual jobs and often live at below 2 dollars a day.