We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Cheryl’s Children’s Home

67 Residential 20 Outreach
Degoretti District, Nairobi, Kenya

An orphanage in Degoretti District, Nairobi, Kenya

The Founders

Samuel Sambuli founded Cheryl’s Home to raise Kenyan orphans and lift them from poverty. Having grown up with very little parental support himself, Samuel wanted to give a better life to children stricken by poverty and disease.

The Current Centre

Cheryl’s Home runs pre/primary school for all the children. In this school, there is a library and computer lab. There are two dormitories, for girls and boys, an administrative office, kitchen, 11 classrooms, a staffroom, and a multi-purpose hall.

Source of their Funding

Aside from LTC funding, Cheryl’s home has individual child sponsors around the world and receives further funding and donations from well-wishers in the community.

Areas of Endeavor

We provide shelter, clothing and food as well as education to prepare children for life by developing character and teaching career skills. We also provide counseling and medical care for our children.

Present Challenges

Cheryl’s Home needs primary level school supplies and text books. Funding for higher levels of education is also required. The facility needs more resources for offering balanced meals to both the residential children and outreach children. Funding for medical bills and medicine is needed. Water and clothing are also always needed.