We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Care For African Kids (CFAK)

225 Residential 350 Outreach
Wakiso & Mpigi City, Kampala, Uganda

An orphanage in Wakiso & Mpigi City, Kampala, Uganda

The Founders

Robert Pool, Kayemba David & Frank Nalima founded this facility at their father’s estate with 4 orphans. Having lost his father as a child, Robert was inspired to help orphaned children and give the same kindness he had received.

The Current Centre

CFAK has two orphanage centres with Wakiso as the main branch.  At Mpigi, they have more than 379 hectares of land for agriculture, dairy production, poultry production, and arts and crafts.  There is a workshop project at Mpigi district that serves as a training centre and a way of generating income.  A school is also under construction at Mpigi.

Source of their Funding

Support comes from local well-wishers, income from agricultural endeavors and most recently, CFAK was granted $6,000 from Global Giving USA.

Areas of Endeavor

CFAK pays school fees and buys school supplies for children. They feed and give shelter, clothes and medical attention in the orphanages. Vocational training is provided through the farms and

Present Challenges

CFAK currently lacks the funds necessary to finish building the school that is under construction, and to run all of their programs. A new kitchen, pit latrine, clean water supply, stable electricity, and a home expansion are also needed. Bedding, clothes, computers and volunteer support are needed as well.