We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Busara Childrens Home

12 Residential
August 2003
Kalifi Township, Mombasa, Kenya

An orphanage in Kalifi Township, Mombasa, Kenya


The Founders/Director

The orphanage was founded to provide the basic necessities for orphans and vulnerable children, and to nurture their talents and help them become responsible citizens.

The Current Centre

The children live in a house provided by the founder/director of the home.

Source of their Funding

Funding is provided by a local businessman, who gives small donations of food staff, along with support from Lift the Children.

Areas of Endeavor

They provide nutritional and educational support. Also, medical care is being provided to the children.

Present Challenges

Their most pressing need is acquiring funds for the daily demands of food for the children. They are facing difficulty with electricity as well. They are also in need of land to grow food staff.