We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Borto Deseret International Orphanage and School

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Montserrado District No. 1 Harrisburg Township, Liberia

An orphange in Montserrado District No. 1 Harrisburg Township, Liberia

The Founders

Mrs. Quita Bemah_Kialain, Founded Borto Deseret due to the humanitarian needs that lay outside the
scope of international relief organizations. She wanted to provide a home for orphans and school for the surrounding community.

The Current Centre

Borto rents a building from a local family. It is a concrete building that is nearing completion. It does not have flush toilets, electricity or running water.

Source of their Funding

Lift The Children is the only source of funding for Borto Deseret. Small amounts are made from agricultural projects.

Areas of Endeavor

Borto Deseret offers Early Childhood Education programs for rural, disadvantaged families. They also offer parenting classes, health and nutrition services.

Present Challenges

Attracting resources to sustain the program for the children is the number one priority. Borto Deseret would also like to develop some income generating projects. They would also like to establish a network for program development locally and nationally.