We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Baraka Za IBrahim Children Center

10 Residential 54 Outreach
September 1998
Located at the heart of Kibra slums Katwikera
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About Baraka Za Ibrahim

Baraka Za Ibrahim Children home is a charitable Organization REGISTERED under the Ministry of Gender, Social and Children Services. It attends to the basic needs of the most vulnerable children in the vast slums of Kibra in Nairobi .Currently it houses a total of 28 children who are either or both; orphans, abandoned , neglected, abused , HIV/AIDS positive or those whose only traceable parent or guardian has both a terminal illness and is bedridden.They are committed to the orphans, abused, abandoned and HIV/AIDS both affected and affected children in the community by being a center of excellence through rehabilitating, re-integration and fostering.

Lift The Childrens' Support and work

Baraka za Ibrahim ushered Lift the Children into the heart of Africas second largest slums- Kibra Slum. Their partial monthly funding has gone towards the most critical things like rent, food and paying the caregivers to ensure the little angels have a good start in life. Infact, the food offered by the Orphanage as a result of LTC funding, has seen even children who do not live within the orphanage attending school there so they can just have a meal.

Working with other partners- Lift the Children has supported Baraka za Ibrahim to improve its facilities, beddings and even diet. This has seen more boys and girls attend school, gain hope and feel loved to a level of growing up to become independent in their adulthood.