We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Baby Blessing Children’s Home

47 Residential 49 Outreach
Umoja Tena, Nairobi, Kenya


Baby Blessing Children’s Home is a charitable Organization REGISTERED under the Ministry of Gender, Social and Children Services. It is a rescue center , a place of hope and home for the homeless .Currently it houses a total of 49 children who are either or both; orphans, abandoned , neglected, abused , HIV/AIDS positive or those whose only traceable parent or guardian has both a terminal illness and is bedridden.

Baby Blessing Children’s Home aims at providing shelter, food, clothes, education and health care for the children; above all restoring the dignity of the Kenyan child and creating a hopeful future through counseling, love, care and mentorship.

The institution was initiated in 2011 by Irene Gakii Mwirigi in the plight to give orphaned and vulnerable children a second chance in life and rejuvenate their potential as well as save them from the cruelty they were put through. She housed 6 neglected and abandoned children in her own house and later found them a rental three bedroomed house in Umoja, Tena Estate, Embakasi Constituency in Nairobi.


We are committed to the orphans, abused, abandoned and HIV/AIDS both affected and affected children in the community by being a center of excellence through rehabilitating, re-integration and fostering.


Offering full and abundant life to vulnerable and less fortunate children through identification, rescue and provision of basic necessities.


  • Provision of shelter, food and clothing for the children
  • Provision of health care and education
  • Rehabilitation, re-integration and fostering
  • Initiation of income generating projects to build self-reliant futures
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Empowerment and capacity building for the street boys and girls
  • Empowering and counseling for the People Living with AIDS


  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Love
  • Care
  • Respect


Being a children’s institution we have a structure that allows smooth functioning of our operations; we have a home , a school,a rehabilitation programmes and  outreach programmes  better explained as below;

We have two rental premises that serves as home,  school and office. Mainly the children here are abandonment cases.

We have deployed a special and professional system in aid for selection, recruitment and training of the staff positioned in the home for due  diligence  required in the handling of infants, toddlers and teenagers. Our professional caterers, housekeeping staff, caregivers all under the matron’s supervision ensure quality and hygiene in food handling and feeding, appropriate care of the babies as well as keen observation for any health issues.


The society in itself has children whose parent or guardian is unable to provide for them either due to sickness or age; termed as destitute.

Baby Blessing stretches its hands to periodically provide food, clothing, educational support materials , health care and counseling services to 50 children at their parent’s/guardian’s habitations.

We also have a feeding programme whereby we feed and cloth over 200 street families in Embakasi

However we are not financially stable and therefore to meet our responsibilities on food and clothing we rely on the surplus items received from community members.


Being just 9 yrs.’ old we have not been able to acquire a long term donor and therefore have been relying on the community for the day to day provisions and short term sponsors for the payment of the rents of the premises at use.

It is because of this that we began projects in pursuit of self-sustenance as follows;

  1. Formal school Baby Blessing Education Centre is a registered community school began as a result of the unrelenting challenge of education for our children. The school is sited on a rental premises just opposite the home and has classes from Baby Class to Standard two.

The school not only does it provide education for our children but also children from the surrounding community. it is growing tremendously with a current population of about 56 but the majority being baby blessings.

It is an income generating initiative that we are working on its growth so that it can be self-sustained in future.

It is on rental premises (80,000ksh) per month and therefore really consuming but its future is bright.

  1. Horticultural farming We are privileged to have a professional in horticultural farming and management Japhet Kirimi (the chairman of the board of directors)and with his skills and expertise we have an established farming project sited on a ¼ acre of land. It has two greenhouses that aid in the growing of quality vegetables as well the left over space where the leafy vegetables are grown.

The products assist in provision of quality and nutritious food products for the children as well as sale to community clients in order to raise funds in aid of the sustenance of the project.


The institution relies on well-wishers for day to day requirements. The projects are under development and therefore have not been able to be a reliable source of income.

  1. Premises The entire institution sits and runs on rental premises which mean financial pressure every month. Without a reliable and constant donor we have found ourselves threatened and fined for late payments and arrears and it is because of this that we appeal to individuals and organizations to partner with us to eradicate the worries and enable focus on developmental matters for the children.
  2. Utilities Being an institution that specializes with children and considering the number; water and electricity are consumed at a relatively higher rate than other kinds of organizations, this translates to a monthly requirement to clear the bills to avoid pilling and disconnection therefore becoming an issue.
  3. Education Despite having a school of our own to cut down on the school fees, we have 33 high school students who attend other schools and therefore require school fees and other school requirements.
  1. Salaries and wages We have a team that is dedicated to setting a strong foundation for the children from the day they arrive at the Home and also build self-reliant futures for them. However it’s difficult to achieve great results without motivation as they also need to cater for their own families.salaries are a major challenge.


  1. Following an audit of 300 Institutions in the same line and Ministry like Baby Blessing Children’s Home, we were given the second best position with the second best and successful operations as well as the standardization of the Institution
  2. Started in 2011 the institution has been successful in initiating its own green house project which provides the home with vegetables that’s cutting down the purchase cost.
  3. In our rehabilitation and counseling program me for the street boys and girls through advocating for them to the relevant authorities over 2000 have been able to acquire National Identity Cards in order to earn them equal employment opportunities like any other Kenyan .This has not stopped there as we also through guidance and counseling been able to drive out a big number of them from drug abuse and crime


Short term needs
  1. Rents The home unit and school operate under rental premises amounting to 110,000/- every month .This poses a major challenge and threat.
  1. School fees We have 33 high school students studying in public schools both from home and outreach programmes at a cost of  appr 820,000 /- annually.
  1. Salaries/ wages We have a dedicated team that works towards the vision, however their salaries/wages are a major challenge yet the need to sustain them is essential.
  1. Utilities Water and electricity are every person’s immediate necessity, the bigger the population in a household the bigger the consumption, we therefore have an obligation to cater for the utilities in time.
Long term needs
  1. Land and a well-built institution With all our operations happening in rental premises the running of the institution and well-being of the children becomes expensive. Therefore with a permanent and privately owned institution the money used to cater for rents would otherwise be used to develop and raise the standards of the home for the well-being of the children providing them with a better growing and developing environment as well as improved and high tech facilities for their learning