We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Baby Blessing Children’s Home

47 Residential 49 Outreach
Umoja Tena, Nairobi, Kenya

About Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing Children’s Home is a charitable Organization REGISTERED under the Ministry of Gender, Social and Children Services. It is a rescue center , a place of hope and home for the homeless .Currently it houses a total of 49 children who are either or both; orphans, abandoned , neglected, abused , HIV/AIDS positive or those whose only traceable parent or guardian has both a terminal illness and is bedridden.

Baby Blessing Children’s Home aims at providing shelter, food, clothes, education and health care for the children; above all restoring the dignity of the Kenyan child and creating a hopeful future through counseling, love, care and mentorship.

The institution was initiated in 2011 by Irene Gakii Mwirigi in the plight to give orphaned and vulnerable children a second chance in life and rejuvenate their potential as well as save them from the cruelty they were put through. She housed 6 neglected and abandoned children in her own house and later found them a rental three bedroomed house in Umoja, Tena Estate, Embakasi Constituency in Nairobi.

They are committed to the orphans, abused, abandoned and HIV/AIDS both affected and affected children in the community by being a center of excellence through rehabilitating, re-integration and fostering.

Lift The Childrens' Support and work

Lift the Children has been privileged to support infants with as little as one day old who are abandoned at birth because we chose to work and partner with Baby-Blessing Children Home. Our partial monthly funding has gone towards the most critical things like rent, food and paying the caregivers to ensure the little angels have a good start in life.

In the past seven years of our partnerships we have seen one day old baby, grow to become school going children, some have been lucky to be adopted in a loving family after due process has been followed while many have grown to become young people full of hope and energy.

Lift the Childrens' experience working with Baby Blessing has cemented our vision of taking care of the most Vulnerable Children within Africa.

You can contact and reach Baby Blessings through the contacts provided and we recommend them for further help either through LTC or other platforms.