We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Another Hope Children’s Ministries

35 Residential 66 Outreach
Kampala, Uganda

An orphanage in Kampala, Uganda

The Founders

Nambowa Ruth Bulyaba has a passion to give hope to children. She is surrounded by a team who together run the orphanage and care for the children. She strives to provide the basics to the children in a family-like environment.

The Current Centre

The centre provides home care and primary education. They strive to obtain sponsorships so that the children can continue their education.

Source of their Funding

Currently, LTC is the sole source of ongoing financial support. They also receive help from local individuals and families as well as cattle and chickens which they raise. Staff are only given a small stipend when there are funds available.

Areas of Endeavor

Foreign volunteers that visit the centre supplement the daily care for the children. The children are aged from 1 to 18. They attend to the needs of street children who have been abandoned.

Present Challenges

The home struggles with a lack of clean water. The children’s health suffers. They have very little space for the children to play and they don’t have their own facility. The diet of the children is not balanced and is only life sustaining.