We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.

Lift the Children Trains Africas’ Children Orphanages About COVID-19

With the many challenges brought by COVID-19, Lift the Children has been spending time building capacity for Children Orphanages Directors, managers and staffs on how they can cope during this period.

During the monthly online trainings that bring together over 55 directors of Children Orphanages in Africa, various thematic areas have been covered.

For instance; Lift the Children engineered the idea of a drop- off point where visitors bringing donations such as food, clothes, hygiene materials into the orphanages could drop them at a unique spot identified by the particular orphanage. This ensured that there was steady flow of donations into the orphanage without having an interaction between guests and the children and also allowing time for disinfection of all donated materials before they are released for use by the children.

Secondly Lift the Children worked hard to get the directors to a level of being able to meet online using platforms such as zoom, whatsapp and other similar platforms. This has significantly increased the confidence of Orphanage directors to organize meetings with potential supporters using online platforms.

During COVID-19 Lift the Children has been giving increased attention to well being of the Children and directors by ensuring that they continue to connect with one another and share encouragements.