We support the most destitute orphans with the basic necessities.


The little heroes of Dream Children’s home.

One evening in August of 2020, while everyone was busy preparing to have dinner and the kids were all over the place with their homework, a police land rover drove into our compound. Its headlights beamed and its roaring engine could be heard from a distance. The officers were coming to drop off a Very Important Person (VIP), a small boy. He looked so small that one could think he was only a few months old; he was malnourished and weak. The officers explained they had just collected the boy by the roadside after being alerted by members of the public. He had been abandoned in Kiserian. He had no name at this point.

The first step was to give him a name- we chose Bahati, which means ‘lucky’. We then took Bahati to the hospital where it was revealed that he was approximately 1-year-old.  Everyone was shocked, as he looked like a new born baby. Once the sessions at the hospital were over, the team at Dream Children’s Home immediately started feeding Bahati with a well-balanced diet. Today, as the team and the home at large reflect and celebrate International Day of an African Child, they are happy to say that Baha, as they call him, is able to walk well and despite struggling with speech for some months, he has really improved and is now in school; he just joined the playgroup class.

Bahati spends most of his time with another friend, Walter. Walter came to Dream in 2015. He was 1 month old. His mother was not able to keep him due to their culture. In some parts of western Kenya, when a lady conceives and delivers a child with a relative, the child is supposed to be killed. Walter  was lucky as he was rescued and brought to Dream Children’s Home.

It’s safe here—-

At Dream Children’s Home we are happy to be part of those implementing the 2040 charter for African Child- Building Africa Fit for all Children.

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