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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

100% of what Lift the Children receives from donations is sent directly to the orphanages because the John Volken Foundation ( pays all overhead and administrative costs. We ensure that the money goes exactly where it should: to the children.

All donations help children in need. If you are not a sponsor, but you make a one-time donation or recurring donations, your donation will go into the general Lift the Children fund, which supports the orphanages without sponsors.

Each orphanage receives a specific amount of monthly funding to help support the children in their care. People who would like to become orphanage sponsors commit to donating the necessary funding amount for their specific orphanage. We welcome all donations; nothing is too small. Any donation that does not meet the necessary funding amount for an orphanage will contribute to the general donation fund, helping to support non-sponsored orphanages.
Lift the Children supports our orphanages through monthly financial funding. We do not send material items to the orphanages, as the money it costs to ship the items is then less money to benefit the children. Also, many items (especially books) are often culturally irrelevant in other countries. We’ve seen that it is better to send funding rather than material items, as that money can be used more cost-effectively and help support the orphanages’ local economies. So while it is very generous to want to donate items such as books, clothing, and toys abroad, it is best to donate those items to help children in your local community instead.
Yes, we can issue tax receipts if you live in Canada or the United States of America. Lift the Children is a registered charity in both countries. Our Canadian charitable registration number is 805690690 RR0001. Our U.S. tax ID is 46-1835656.
Lift the Children does not have a volunteer program, but we would be happy to connect you with an orphanage that is seeking volunteers. Please feel free to email us at (Please note, volunteers are responsible for their own travel arrangements, expenses, and safety.)

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