Today we visited St. Dorcus Children’s home. We started supporting them two months ago and the effect has been rather dramatic. The whole disposition of the children is much brighter. They have been able to go from two meals a day to three and the meals have become more nutritious. They were also able to purchase beds for many of the children who were sleeping on the floor. The children sang songs of gratitude and one sweet young girl gave a prayer thanking God for our coming and asked God to bless and protect us for all we were doing for them. I helped her understand that the things we provide don’t really come from us but rather they are blessings from God and we are only the delivery men. It was a wonderful visit.

Thank you from Dagoretti Corner Rehabilitation Centre

Another kind letter of appreciation, this one is from Dagoretti Corner Rehabilitation Centre. They care for 476 residential children.

Dear Lift the Children,
We wish to thank God for you for your continuous support to the center. Be loved, we wish to express to you our heartfelt message of appreciation for the love God has put in your heart. In order to make this world a better place God has sent people like you to do good things for others, and make their lives better. Whenever I remember God, I softly pray that He blesses everyone I love and immediately think of you. I pray that God will hold you close today and that your faith in Him will give you a renewed hope, peace and joy. May you be refreshed by His presence, knowing He care. May His spirit fill your day with sincere love for life. I always wish you all the wonders of Gods beautiful world. We earnestly pray that God continues strengthening this cordial relationship by blessing you in all your endeavors as your purpose to continue supporting our programmes.

Thank you,
Pastor Enos Baxic Oumo

Thank You from Faith Children Home

We had a lovely note of appreciation and picture sent to us today from Faith Childrens Home:

Dear Lift the Children,

Greetings from the Children of Faith Children Home, Mombasa Kenya.
We thank you for your monthly support in our project. Through your support we have been able to increase the number of orphan children we care for, we have a Big house now for our children and are able to improve our feeding programme to our children, thanks and be blest. We hope in your next visit to Kenya you will be able to visit our home and see.

Robert Mueke
Director of Faith children home Kenya.